Tips on How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

Most of us have experienced sudden downpours of rain that ended up getting our mobile phone wet. Now that your most prized piece of technology is wet, what would you do to fix your cell phone?

Many experience this problem often and want to know how to get this sorted out. You know that you are worried that you are going to lose all the valuable information and media that is on your device. You just hope you can get all the information back. Below are a few measures you can take if your phone gets wet.
Wet Phone 011) Dry it off as quickly as possible so as to avoid and liquid going further into the phone casing.

2) DO NOT switch your phone on. (electronics and any liquid are not compatible and could hurt the hardware.) Resulting in a short circuit.

3) DO NOT use a blow dryer for the drying the phone. Even though, it may seem sensible to do so. However, circuits can be sensitive to high temperature, which could cause damage.

4) Take it apart. Cell phones nowadays can normally be divided into its basic parts effortlessly by hand without damaging them. (Take as much time as needed and be gentle with it.) The case, SIM card, battery, memory card, and so forth. Doing this will permit you to clean every part with a dry fabric, that you wouldn’t have the ability to do if the entire cell phone were still in one piece. Leave the divided pieces to air dry in a well-lit room.

5) Drying Options. Despite the fact, that air drying can work, there’s no assurance in the matter of how well it will expel the dampness Wet Phone 02from your cell phone. So you may need to try no less than one of the accompanying techniques other than air-drying.

  • Rice. Take your divided cell phone parts and spot them into a little pack of uncooked rice grains and seal the sack. Since rice naturally retains water, it should have the capacity to absorb any remaining dampness from your cell phone parts.
  • Packets of silica. These can be found in new shoe boxes to keep the shoes dry, or even hardware boxes for the same reason. Do the same as above, simply using the silica packets.

6) If you find that you get your phone wet frequently, choosing a phone that is made to be water resistant might be a good idea.



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