Tips to Finding the Best IPhone Repair Company

ohone 2Whether you decided not to extend your apple care or it expired, out of warranty iPhone replacements can be quite expensive. And you are not comfortable with the thought of doing it the repair yourself, you may have to look for an iphone repair company that is local to you or that accepts mail-ins.

All over the world, as the iPhone brand grows, repair companies pop up specializing in the fixing of the apple devices. Not all of these companies however know what they are doing or make use of quality parts. To be on the safe side, the following are some considerations that you should make when picking a third party apple device Repair Company.

Perform an online research

This goes without saying. It is the first thing that you should do. Check if the company has any official site or has an official facebook page or twitter page. Read through what other people are saying about the establishment. If for some reason the company does not have any online presence, you should steer clear of it. Any genuine company serious with its work in the 21st century ought to be a little more forthcoming and welcoming their clients’ feedback.

Know the Price

All other factors kept constant, price is the one factor that most affects business. It is what will determine if you will get the device fixed or prefer an upgrade. A shop with nothing to hide should be straightforward and open when it comes to their pricing. One good sign is when a company posts their prices on their official webpage or social media page. You should note however that the prices for the fix will vary depending on your location and that of the company you choose to contract.

While it always feels great to strike a good deal, repairs are the one thing that you are advised not to compromise on. If you are offered a deal that is too good to be true, then chances are they are not worth it. For instance, for the iPhone 4/4S, getting a deal in the ranges of 40-$50, should be a huge red flag. Chances are that the parts used for service are of low quality.


Before you get into bed with any company, you should always enquire f they provide a warranty for their services. A good company should give you a warranty for the replacement parts as well as workmanship. 90 day for a service workmanship should be a fair deal.

If an iPhone repair company cannot answer the question in a candid and straightforward manner, then they are not worth your time.

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