What to Consider when Choosing an Online Fax Service

Online fax services operate as a digital form of the faxing process, but the person you are communicating with gets the same experience as if you were using a regular fax machine. Visit GmailFaxPro.com to learn more about online fax service. The features and options included in a particular fax service may differ in things like usability and security, but with added cost you can install things like mobile alerts, digital signatures, preset delivery times, integration with Microsoft Outlook, etc.

How to choose an online fax service

Gather recommendationsjdhgjdhfjdg

It won’t be enough to take a vendor’s sales representative at his/her word; contact other business owners as well and find out which services they recommend. What is it that they like about their particular service? If other established vendors are available, compare notes.

Contact vendors

When you get a list of reputable vendors, start contacting the top contenders on your list to get an idea of the service they offer. From a client’s perspective, the way a vendor handles that initial call is always telling.

Check the fees structure

Get a detailed account of all monthly fees and any additional costs (e.g. setup fees, international fees, etc.). Understanding the fees structure is crucial when trying to work out how much money to spend on the service every month. Bear in mind some vendors will offer low rates but then try to sneak in a few added costs. To get a clear picture of the fees structure, ask for the official fees schedule- in writing.

Ask for demos

You can request free demos when choosing an online fax service. Use this opportunity to test out the service before investing money in it. A demo can help you find out which service is most user-friendly; because some are better than others.

fhsdgfshgfhsdgfEvaluate their customer service

Before the service presents any problems, you want to be able to reach customer care immediately and get a solution. Do they have live agents ready to assist 24/7? Also, check for live web support and email support.

Assess your needs

Perhaps the most crucial part of this process is finding out exactly what you need regarding the volume of faxes you send out each month. This will help you determine which vendor plan is best for you- so that if you only send and receive a couple of faxes each month, a pay-as-you-go plan might be just what you need.

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